""I couldn't be happier looking back over the last two months.”"


“If you’d have asked me 2 months ago if I thought I’d stick to an 8 week programme, train 3 times a week, stick to a diet and change my lifestyle I’d have laughed in your face with a beer in my hand. I was unhappy and drinking heavily, I was unproductive and had barely any self confidence. James and Jack who I was training with before hand mentioned the ANKORR course and offered me a chance to participate. I genuinely didn’t feel like I was fit enough but they are extremely supportive and their ‘people first, fitness second’ ethos couldn’t be any more accurate, I felt part of a team straight away. They create a wonderful atmosphere which over time that has not only made me more of a positive person but raised my confidence and for my fitness…I hope the pictures speak for themselves but I’ve come on such a distance and even started to get involved in more external activities like boxing. Long story short I owe these guys a lot more than the money I paid to be on the course and I couldn’t be happier looking back over the last two months.”

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