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A high intensity conditioning circuit class aimed to give you the ultimate workout with the added bonus of working alongside a close-knit community of people. No circuit class is ever the same and will be sure to keep you on your toes with every session you attend.


Using the principles of metabolic conditioning we promise to ensure you leave covered in sweat! This class is developed to help you become fitter, stronger and faster utilising a blend of weightlifting, cardio and bodyweight movements.

Iron ZUU

Join and become part of a new and exciting exercise movement specifically designed to increase anaerobic capacity, improve strength and overall mobility. Iron ZUU is designed to discover your inner beast and rage war with a high intensity full body workout. Combining weight training and incorporating bodyweight ZUU mobility drills into your session you’ll be sure to walk away feeling empowered.

Cardiac ‘N’ Rest

Is a class which certainly lives up to its name! This is a progressive cardiovascular conditioning class designed to make you fitter and faster. Using intervals on bike, ski erg, rower and a few surprises we will turn you into a well-rounded athlete! Suitable for all levels as your only competition is yourself – commit to a full cycle of training (6 weeks) for best result and expect to push your body to its limit.


Join and become part of a new and exciting exercise movement specifically designed to increase anaerobic capacity, improve strength and overall mobility through using only body weight movements. Our ZUU classes will be sure to make you break a sweat, push your fitness boundaries and ultimately become part of a community who hold themselves accountable for supporting their fellow members through the session.

Farm Strong

Farm strong is a class for anyone wanting to build their functional strength and endurance. Can you carry all your shopping bags at once? How many people do you need to help you move a sofa? Let’s build you up and make these things easier. This is a class designed to push you to your limit. Bring your game face! Get farm strong!

Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness is a well-rounded, one of a kind class, where you will work on many components to improve your physical fitness such as improved strength, balance, coordination and increase your heart rate to raise your cardiovascular fitness. All of this whilst having fun, gaining confidence in your body’s ability to move and fly through the air.


Structured group sessions featuring gymnastic-based strength, conditioning and flexibility activities as well as covering skills such as handstands and bar work. Participants are able to use the various apparatus in the gym with a qualified coach on hand to guide and assist with specific skill learning. This session is open to anyone aged (cannot remember what we agreed!) and older, beginners through to advanced level.

Cycle Club

Cycle club is for all members who would like to get out in the great outdoors with a group of like minded people. Summer is coming and what a great way to get that Vitamin D in and that heart rate up!  

Interval Run Club

Exactly what it says on the tin. One of our coaches will confirm a location and will take you through a variety of interval runs at different gradients. This is all about accountability and pushing your cardiovascular threshold.

Team Workout

Our team workouts will be held every Saturday and Sunday mornings for our members who thrive off of competition. Teams will be picked to compete against each other in various workouts each week. At E-motion we are all about community so come along and cheer on your team members as we battle it out and have some fun.

Hero-Wod Wednesday

Join us for our weekly tribute to a fallen first responder or member of the military who died whilst serving honourably in the line of duty. Expect to see some heavy powerlifting, Olympic lifts and an outrageous sense of community pulling each other in the right direction!

Hero Wod’s are CrossFit workouts which are created in the names of the fallen service member.


Brush up on your barbell skills with our weightlifting class which is designed with the sole focus of getting you stronger, quicker and more comfortable using the barbell.

In the programming expect to see lots of snatch, clean + jerk, deadlifts, squats and overhead press – watch your weights and confidence go up each week!


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