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If you don’t live near the gym or can’t make it to our sessions but do not want to miss out on our incredible coaching then we have you covered.

We provide all the training and coaching needed through a monthly training programme, with weekly personal ZOOM meetings to ensure that you are adhering and enjoying the program.

Three programmes covering minimal kit to full kit and Olympic lifting we can look after you and help you get to where you want to be!! Ready for whatever the day throws at you!!

If you want to take that next step then we can design individual custom made sharpened programmes built for you only.

  • Tamsin's success story

    I’m pleased to say I’m now 12lbs lighter and can confidently wear shorts and a t-shirt to the gym

    When I first joined emotion in January my body image was extremely negative, to the point where I worked out in a fleece for the first month so I could keep myself covered up at all times, But 6 months in, my mental and physical health is the best it’s ...


  • PETE's success story

    I haven't looked back and if I can do it, anyone can!

    I've been training with James now for a little over a year, both in PT sessions and in his epic ZUU classes. I arrived overweight, lacking fitness and with two surgically repaired knees that stopped so many attempts to get moving and active again. He's be...


    1 year(s) at E-Motion Fitness Hub

  • Bella's success story

    As I move into middle age it feels good to be investing in my physical health with training of this caliber.

    I’ve been doing PT training sessions with James for about 2 years (I found him through a recommendation after my last PT moved away). His training style is technical and precise and also offers lots of variety - he’s still serving up new exercises aft...


    2 year(s) at E-Motion Fitness Hub

  • Aimee's success story

    They make you feel totally comfortable in a new environment.

    Couldn’t recommend E-Motion fitness hub enough.... Iv only been going for a few months now but already noticing a difference in my body shape and my strength. ​ It’s always hard going into a new gym with new people especially when you're not 100% ...


    1 year(s) at E-Motion Fitness Hub

  • Mark's success story

    They know what they're doing!

    I started my journey with Emotion Fitness with James having PT sessions in Poole Park during the 1st Lockdown. ​ After a few PT sessions then tried out ZUU & HITT classes again with James. Finally met Jack after the 1st lockdown ended. ​ Both ...


    1 year(s) at E-Motion Fitness Hub

  • Chris's success story

    It switched my mentality from doing the generic and normally quite boring weight sessions to enjoyable functional training with Olympic lifting and ZUU mov

    Awesome gym with awesome people.  After seeing the advert for the Ankorr course a couple of years ago I was intrieged and made the jump from the generic commercial 24 hour gym to E-Motion fitness hub and haven't looked back since.  It was a totally di...


    2 year(s) at E-Motion Fitness Hub