Dan Eccleston

Weightlifting Coach
Dan Eccleston


Dan started practicing weightlifting in 2014, entering his first competition in 2015. In two short years, by 2016, he had completely fallen in love with the sport. The love and passion he has for weightlifting is what led him to start his coaching journey.
Whilst being a very competent weightlifter now, Dan self-confesses to being anything but a natural to begin with. His drive, consistency and hard work have formed him into the lifter and coach that he is today.
His personal experience in the beginning of the sport has given him a devotion to teaching people Weightlifting; by teaching them the fundamental stable components required for a good lift before applying significant load and intensity to the movements. #HWPO.
Although Dans main gym passion is weightlifting, he also loves being active outside the gym – whether that’s paddle boarding, cycling/gravel biking or walks with his beloved Labrador Ted!

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