Nikki Bates

Sports Rehabilitator
Nikki Bates


Hi! I’m Nikki, I’m a Sports Rehabilitator which is similar to a Physio. I assess and treat injuries but I specialise in adapting your current training around your injury so you can keep reaching towards your goals while we’re working on your symptoms.

During my time working in Sports Rehab, I’ve gained qualifications and experience in Blood flow Restriction Training, Spinal manipulations, CrossFit L1 Trainer, Mat based Pilates, RFU Pre-hospital Immediate Care in Sport and UKSCA Plyometrics, Speed and Agility Workshop.

I’ve worked mainly with rugby and military populations where I’ve gained a strong understanding of how injury can impact you physically and mentally so, please feel free to collar me for a quick chat if you’ve got any concerns.

As much as I love promoting a healthy fitness lifestyle, I’m a big believer in taking time out for yourself too especially when work or maybe in your case family pressures start to build.

50% of what I earn will most likely be spent on Happyccino flat whites, breakfast burritos or the team socials.

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“Trust the process, your time is coming. Just do the hard work and the results will take care of themselves”

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