Jack Forster

Head Coach
Jack Forster


Jacks background in sport began with football during his youth, this led to him becoming an avid American football fan. From playing football, he moved on to American football, until his passion for cycling took over – he’s done a little bit of this over the years….

Having been medically discharged from The Royal Marines, with compartment syndrome, this led Jack back into the fitness industry. This is when he met his co-director, James. Roll forwards to 2017 and E-Motion Fitness Hub was born.

“The gym has grown into something very special, we welcome anyone from newbie to master level. We feel that the hub allows our community to develop, grow & progress at their own pace. Many of our members now have the confidence to train in gyms, in groups or alone, and even enter the odd fitness competition with likeminded people. Hands down, the best gym in the area – but of course I’m biased.”

Jack has a passion for pushing people further than they believed was possible, developing a mindset of “giving more when you think you can’t find anymore”.

You will find him on the gym floor in some hideous socks, shorts and shoe combo.

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